Replacement Fair Air fire mask filters
Two pack of replacement filters - AU$38.00 plus GST and postage
Eight pack of replacement filters - AU$150.00 plus GST and postage

We suggest you don't buy with initial purchase as they are lasting far beyond the advertised 'at least ten washes',
except for some who have washed the filters with the rest of their PPE, and three cases of 'the dog ate it'.
Also, an even better filter will be out later this year with enhancement to remove more CO.
fair_air_25_july_2018c003008.jpg fair_air_25_july_2018c003007.jpg fair_air_25_july_2018c003006.jpg
Police version
Exactly the same fire resistance etc, just the holders are navy blue in colour.

They are on the NSW Police equipment catalogue after being put through an extensive evaluation process.
They are available in both single and two filter sets.
Postage for mask sets in Australia:
$5 for one, $12 for up to six, $18 for 15, $28 for 35. (more than one are sent express post)

Dane Taylor Technologies Pty Ltd

Fair Air fire mask set (two filters)
The Fair Air fire mask is supplied for fire brigades with the holder and two filters in a heavy duty zipper bag.
The spare filter allows for an immediate swap over should the filter need to be changed in the field or while washing the other.

This mask set is AU$ 69.00 each plus GST and postage

(Contact us for special pricing for Fire Agencies and Volunteer Brigades)
Fair Air fire mask 'civilian' version
For those who anticipate using the mask only occasionally, it can be supplied in white with blue trim with just the one filter. .
It is the same fire resistance etc but not high visual impact.
Just the thing for your fire kit.

This mask set is AU$ 48.00 each plus GST and postage