Dane Taylor Technologies designed and manufactures the Fair Air fire mask - the first highly fire resistant, reusable respirator designed specifically for bushfire (wildfire) fighting.

As the Fair Air filters have a life of at least ten washes then this missing element of PPE is less expensive per use than the commonly supplied P2 dust masks which provide no fire protection and don't seal if you have any facial hair.

 View the WIN TV News interview with the inventor - Mike Taylor

Recent News
The ACT Rural Fire Service have endorsed the Fair Air fire mask for use by all their firefighters.
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A Tasmanian Rural Fire Brigade has purchased Fair Air fire masks after an incident where a P2 disposable dust mask caught fire on a volunteer's face during the Tassie fires in January last year.

Why do most fire agencies advise not to wear synthetic clothing on the fireground yet some provide these polypropylene masks for their firefighters?

Fair Air Fire Mask from Mike Taylor on Vimeo.

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