Mike Taylor of Dane Taylor Technologies designed and manufactures the Fair Air fire mask - the first highly fire resistant, reusable respirator designed specifically for bushfire (wildfire) fighting.

The unique Fair Air filters incorporate highly advanced technologies and have a life of at least ten washes. This missing element of bushfire PPE is less expensive per use than the commonly supplied P2 dust masks which provide no fire protection and don't seal if you have any facial hair.

 View the WIN TV News interview with the inventor - Mike Taylor

Recent News
Over 700 volunteer fire brigades across every Australian state and territory are now using the Fair Air fire mask.

After extensive evaluations the largest police force in Australia, New South Wales Police, have added the Fair Air mask to their equipment catalogue. Now any NSW police officer simply request their Local Area Command to supply them with a mask.
The mask is now exported to New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, Brunei and Afghanistan.

Where next?

Many heading to the fires in British Columbia. Our latest reseller, Associated Fire Safety Equipment in Vancouver have their first stock on the way.
Also the latest NZ contingent to BC were all equipped with Fair Air masks.

Fair Air Fire Mask from Mike Taylor on Vimeo.

Dane Taylor Technologies Pty Ltd

Click here to view a short video showing a gas torch applied to
a P2 disposable and a Fair Air fire mask, which would you want on a fireground?